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We offer you quality diagnosis and the best treatments for any case.
We help your pets lead healthy lives for as long as possible.
Animal Medical Center is now open in Akasaka!


7-4-12 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo



The head veterinarian

Dr. Junpei Nishida

Closed days

Open through the year

Open hours

AM 9:00~12:00 /PM4:00~7:00 /
Reception closes 30 mins before the closing time.


Please make an appointment beforehand.
(Same day-appointment are available. )

[ Cooperation system ]

We have partnership with two medical center which have advanced equipments to provide quick and accurate inspections. 



- By Car : Near the Akasaka-sho-mae crossing(Akasaka Elementary School crossing). (Located on the back street of Aoyama-dori.)

- By Train : Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line Aoyama-ichome Sta. Exit 4 South.
Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Sta.


We need a hospital in the heart of Tokyo where experienced veterinarians can provide a comprehensive range of services, from preventive medicine, examination and diagnosis to advanced medical care.
The field of veterinary medicine has made remarkable progress and development in recent years. As a result, it has become possible to diagnose and treat diseases that were previously difficult to treat. In addition, the living environment of animals living in urban areas is becoming closer to that of humans every day. This has led to an increase in the number of animals suffering from heart disease, cancer, and other adult diseases, in addition to injuries caused by declining physical strength.
Animal Medical Center Akasaka is a part of the AMC Group, which consists of veterinarians and nurses who have gained a lot of experience at the Otakibashi Animal Hospital Group. In addition to preventive medical care such as vaccines, rabies, filaria, and spaying and neutering, we also provide advanced medical care such as early detection of digestive diseases using endoscopes, minimally invasive surgical procedures using laparoscopes, reliable diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases by veterinarians specializing in neurology, and prompt response to emergency diseases by veterinarians with extensive experience in handling emergency diseases. We will seamlessly realize these advanced medical services. In addition, by collaborating with the Otakibashi Veterinary Hospital Group, we have access to advanced medical equipment such as CT apparatus and MRI apparatus , which enables us to perform specialized surgeries as a team.
We will make daily efforts to provide advanced medical care that is rooted in the community.
Our mission is to save animal’s lives as best as we can.

Director / Veterinarian

Junpei Nishida